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Location: Archidona - Villanueva de Algaidas - Fuente de Piedra (80 km walk)
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Level: Baja
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Among olive trees , ponds and highwaymen by the Mozarabic Camino de Santiago

The high mountains of Antequera separate the warm coast of Málaga a far more extreme terrain hued large cultivated áreas. Our proposal takes us to see a territory of saline lagoons , pieces of Camino de Santiago that comes from Malaga , the sea of olive or natural scenes where he found death in 1833 Jose Maria the Tempranillo Toward the Guadalquivir Valley , the province of Malaga and Gran Senda Malaga overlook the river Genil in Cuevas Bajas, to ascend progressively the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, where we will finish our journey

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    Day 1. Arrival and presentation of the trip.

    Pick up at Malaga International Airport and transfer to Archidona, with its Plaza Ochavada and its historic center . Welcome lunch or dinner . When you finish there will be a presentation of our trip that will be in charge of our guides. If the welcome meal is lunch , our travelers will enjoy the free afternoon to find the hotel sourroundings, ideal for evening walks .

    Day 2. Archidona Villanueva de Tapias - 17 km

    Our journey begins very early in Archidona and goes to one of our most popular woods, the meadow of oaks . Both are devoted to Iberian pigs and goats as the big game. The curves lead us to discover wooded dreamy landscapes . Until we suddenly peered into a hillock , the port of Palomeras , which is the most famous Andalusian landscape, olivar , occupying a ravine where three provinces meet. A Swabian descent and as we welcome our selected accommodation.

    Day 3. Villanueva de Tapias Villanueva de Algaidas - 16 km

    The Sierra del Pedroso, a rocky island in the middle of the cultivated plains . Indeed it is not the only surprise of the day , but that marks the early stages , insistent rise . After its time to leave behind the rocks and gradually losing altitude until you reach another kind of island, the stream of Drinker . This channel is a kind of oasis of greenery in the middle of aged olive groves with outstanding unthinkable that we will alleviate the way. The end seems near us when we are surprised again with a new change of scenery and the pretty village of Villanueva de Algaidas . We have deserved a good meal and a rest.

    Day 4. Villanueva de Algaidas to Cuevas Bajas - 10 km.

    Nothing better than visiting the Convent of Our Lady of Consolation of the Algaidas abandoned. But there is still a greater treasure hidden nearby, the Mozarabic cave church. The place seems ideal for meditation , especially going down to cross the river by the medieval bridge in a gully filled with lush vegetation. But we continue to climb to La Atalaya and from there we will find a privileged hill, the Cerro de la Cruz . From one of the best viewpoints in the province two farmhouses that once visited the Kidron (of Jewish origin) and the Moheda , andalusí. And in a few minutes we are in Cuevas Bajas, Genil village , where we expect its rich cuisine and excellent accommodation.

    Day 5. Cuevas Bajas Alameda - 18 km

    Although the stage is originally much longer , we have selected the most interesting stretch for us today . After a short approach in the vehicle we start walking in the heart of the olive territory. What we did not expect is the lagoon Sarteneja, full of birds at this time and with a good sheet of water . But of course , there is nothing to call us more attention than the spectacular farmhouses. Here we walk discussing what one is most impressive , if San Ramon, the Chapel , the Realengo we prefer “El Duende” because it means that we are near the end of our andancia today while we have taken more than a scare with the partridges , rabbits and hares.

    Day 6. Alameda Fuente de Piedra - 18 km.

    Alameda has left a bittersweet flavor knowing the story of the death of one of the most famous Andalusian bandits. They were very intense events that took its denouement in a nearby farmhouse , so we headed over there . Although the Sierra de la Camorra is not very high , its preeminence over the plain is looking us a good distance to think about all this. But it has taken us out of our reverie a flock of blue birds searching for food in the forest boundaries . colonies. What we did not expect the unusual greenery Brook Park Santillan , a place that interests us because we know now that it is one of the contributions that keeps alive the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra. Only a few kilometers to get to the town.

    Day 7. Free day

    Really we deserve this day of relative rest . We can dedicate ourselves to visit a bit this white Andalusian village deciding whether to go first to the Natural Reserve Laguna de Fuente de Piedra to see the flamingos and other birds or the dolmens of Antequera , recently declared a World Heritage Site . Our colleagues form Salamandra will help us to choose the best option.

    Day 8. Transfer from Nerja to Malaga Airport.

    At the appointed hour we pick you up at the hotel to take us to the airport , ending here our journey with the hope that they have been a few days of enjoyment road, aided by the beauty of the landscape , the silence of the roads and gratitude of the people who inhabit the province of Malaga.


    We have a wide variety of activities to be performed at different facilities to complement this approach to antequerano territory. Visits related to the history , culture and local food industry. Contact us and together we will design a customized program according to their topics of interest.

PRICE: Request your budget.
Transfers from Malaga airport to Archidona and return to airport from Fuente de Piedra.
Accommodations in Archidona, Fuente de Piedra and in each of the villages. We have selected charming hotels and cottages of quality according to the availability of these villages.
The daily breakfasts and lunches each day, coinciding with the end of the stage.
Water and fruit on our way , taking advantage of the access points with support vehicles, with the possibility that some participants can use to shorten the route.
Luggage transfer each day to hotels destination .
The entrance to the Patio Mausoleum of Jose Maria El Tempranillo and a traditional mill.
Photographic collection of our trip.
HIGHLIGHTS: Safety, personalized service and VIP organization.

Duration: 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS , preferably between October and January.

Itinerary: Archidona - Villanueva de Algaidas - Fuente de Piedra (80 km walk).

Price: Request your Budget.

Difficulty: Medium.

.Groups : Departure for 6 pax and organized groups any day and time of year , subject to availability.

We have selected hotels and charming cottages guaranteeing travelers comfort and relax during the days of our trip. They are well placed to facilitate evening visit to the villages and privileged natural environments.

The regions of Malaga have a variety of products in the área which rich and tasty dishes are prepared . In our journey the stars are garlic soup, gazpacho , wines , muffins and of course the extra virgin olive oil .

During our trip we will have one or more vehicles that will serve the transfer of our luggage and for other needs that may arise during the road for safetyor care to users. In the days possible we will find them one or more times on the way to offer water fruit or the possibility of not walking more for that day

All the way we will be accompanied by one or more bilingual guides ( Spanish and English ) that will help us interpret the landscape , understand the nature and enjoy the journey . Their mission is to answer all our questions and concerns related to the route, as well as knowledge of the possibilities Malaga offers hiking and nature tourism.