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Location: Fuente de Piedra - Caminito del Rey - Ronda (90km walk)
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Territory Caminito del Rey

We intend to link the vegas of Antequera with the Serrania de Ronda but also walk by El desfiladero de los Gaitanes with its famous Caminito del Rey. And the mountains that separate Campillos from the sea are the natural line of mountains that lead us to the Serrania de Ronda, to the west
We intend to explore really spectacular scenerys , from the system of lagoons to the high peaks of the Sierra de las Nieves and pinsapos (abies pinsapo) . But the flirtatious Malaga white villages , enriscados in lofty mountains. The ideal revolts against the Caliphate of Córdoba , battles of the Crusades where William Wallace died companions or raids in recent Andalusian bandits stage.

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    Day 1. Arrival and presentation of the trip.

    Pick up at Malaga International Airport and transfer to the region of Antequera. Welcome lunch or dinner When you finish there will be a presentation of our trip that will be in charge of our guides. If the welcome meal is lunch , our travelers will enjoy the free afternoon to find the hotel sourroundings , ideal for evening walks.

    Day 2. Campillos Fuente de Piedra - 16 km.

    Today we start walking from a landmark , the Interpretation Center Jose Antonio Valverde , the best bird observatory Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra . Early in the morning, with a nice cold breeze Sitting in the shade hearing the flamingos. Then we have started to surround the masive extension of saline water from the east and then we have enraptured with farmhouses dotted along the road to Campillos, and we are surprised with the unknown Laguneta del Lobón where we made a short stop to rest and prepare our arrival in Campillos , a diligent village with famous meat products and leather goods. The third lagoon of the day, called Dulce, welcomes us.

    Day 3. Campillos to Chorro Reservoirs - 15 km.

    This morning, walking out to the east after a tasty breakfast with muffins and extra virgin olive oil we did not expect the huge impact on the plains were going to cause successive gaps. It does not surprise us that its protected as a reserved Nature. A huge number of birds swim or dive into the water or along the andurrean Banks looking for food. But the views of the two large landscapes at the end of the road, blue waters and green forests bordering has not gone behind. What a good walk and many surprises in store for us. This is the Great Path of Malaga!

    Day 4. El Caminito del Rey - 10 km.

    Not yet recovered from yesterday's stage, we got up and had breakfast immediately to get to know the third lake, the oldest one, and then another one, and then Los Gaitanes! When it seemed like there was no way out, and had to turn back, there was a walkway built over the abyss, the old road that the King Alfonso XIII visited and was renamed Caminito del Rey. We did not leave our astonishment, but suddenly the valley opens up and we are in a bubble of nature full of pine trees, a landscape that enjoyed sitting on a bench and with the flow of wáter next to a pond. The road gets higher, and to get to the other side we have to cross a bridge, 100 meters above the water. And you have to see the pictures we've done on a glass balcony. This experience is undoubtedly to live.

    Day 5. El Chorro Ardales - 16 km.

    El Chorro is a railway station where many hotels have been built. We are next to a huge hydraulic pipe by a chimney but not until we got to the top our guides explained what its function is, What we least expected was to find a big lake at the top! The best comes later: it turns out from these mountains a certain Omar Ibn Hafsum acaudilló a rebellion against the Umayyad Emirate of Córdoba more than 1,000 years ago beside the road there are houses, a church and military installations of its mountain stronghold . An interesting story that gives us strength to continue and, crossing hills with almond, cottages and pine forest leads us to Ardales, whitening under his castle. Let's see if we get gazpachuelo for lunch.

    Day 6. Ardales to El Burgo - 15 km.

    We have already got to know the river that washes the feet of the cozy village that has proved to be Ardales. To continue our way we have to cross to the other side using a Roman bridge , surround by a huge castle scene of bloody battles between Christians and Muslims and penetrate in a dense pine forest. It has been good , after the past emotions , this quiet walk through the woods, along comfortable dirt tracks. A gentle descent leads us to first find some springs and sources and then , slowly , lovingly cultivated fertile orchards . We are sure that our food will be prepared with tasty products of these lands.

    Day 7. Mixed Route , El Burgo to Ronda - 17 km

    Walking after a great breakfast we had on our side the clean river “Turon at birth” . But we had to stop at a dam with a waterfall and blue pools of calm waters. Our guides tells us that there are more like this so we keep walking and , indeed, there are three more , one of them next to a farm with goats, sheep and guard dogs.
    And then we expect the mountain, we have to start to climb ap the track by a Cornicabral looking for the ruins of an Arab tower that still crowns a rocky outcrop arises . But on the other side there are no rocks, there is a green meadow with cattle and a large farmstead . Of course the landscape does not leave us indifferent , but it is even more impressive from the Port of Lifa , no less than 1,160 meters. And we can see Ronda in the distance.
    We were so abstracted with the contemplation of the landscape we saw deers running through the oaks so close to a city and we are lucky to see these animals ... The prelude to our triumphal entry into Ronda, to complete these hiking quality days. Decidedly, we have earned a good lunch and a break to try to arrange so many feelings and memories. We did it!!!

    Day 8. Transfer from Nerja to Malaga Airport

    At the appointed hour we pick you up at the hotel to take you to the airport , ending here our journey with the hope that they have been a few days of enjoyment by the beauty of the landscape , the silence of paths and gratitude of the people who live in the province of Malaga.


    We have a wide variety of activities to be performed at different facilities to complement this approach to malagueño territory. This is interpreted visits related to the history , culture and local food industry but also with the sport of nature. Contact us and together we will design a customized program according to their topics of interest.

Transfers from Malaga airport to Fuente de Piedra and back to the airport from Ronda.
Accommodations in Fuente de Piedra , Ronda (3 * and 4 * ) and in each of the villages. We have selected charming hotels and cottages of quality according to the availability of these stocks.
The daily breakfasts and lunches each day, coinciding with the end of the stage.
Water and fruit on our way , taking advantage of the access points with support vehicles, with the possibility that some participants can use to shorten the route.
Luggage transfer each day to hotels destination . The entrance to the Caminito del Rey.
Photographic collection of our trip.
HIGHLIGHTS: Safety, personalized service and VIP organization.

Duration: 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS

Itinerary: Fuente de Piedra - Caminito del Rey - Ronda (90km walk).

Groups : Departure for 6 pax and organized groups any day and time of year , subject to availability.

We have selected hotels and charming cottages guaranteeing travelers comfort and relax during the days of our trip. They are well placed to facilitate shopping and nice evening walks.

Our proposal has the dual role of coastal cuisine and saw that the gazpachuelo or truncheon seem to sum up perfectly. Not missing the excellent wines and extra virgin olive oil

During our trip we will have one or more vehicles that will serve the transfer of our luggage and other needs that may arise during the road safety related or care to users. Days its possible we will find them one or more times on the way to offer water fruit or the possibility of not walking more for that day.

All the way we will be accompanied by one or more bilingual guide ( Spanish and English ) to help us interpret the landscape , better understand the nature and enjoy the journey . Their mission is to answer all our questions and concerns related to the route, as well as knowledge of the possibilities Malaga offers hiking and nature tourism .